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Site map

Back to school and your children’s diet

When children go back to school a change takes place in their diet, which, during the summer months, tended towards an excess of cold drinks, sweets and ice cream.

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Site map
           •Who we are
           •Vision and Mission
           •What we do
           •Quality and Nutrition
           •Where we are
           •Soups and Starters
                •Cozinha Pronta soups
                •Cozinha Pronta Kids soups
                •Soups and Starters Table Gourmet
           •Meat Meals
                •Cozinha Pronta meat meals
                •Cozinha Pronta Kids Meat Meals
                •Table Gourmet Meat Meals
           •Fish Meals
                •Cozinha Pronta Fish Meals
                •Cozinha Pronta Kids Fish Meals
                •Table Gourmet Fish Meals
           •Side dishes
                •Cozinha Pronta side dishes
           •Pastries and appetizers
                •Pastries and appetizers
                •Cozinha Pronta desserts
                •Table Gourmet Desserts
           •Cozinha Pronta
           •Cozinha Pronta for Kids
           •Table Gourmet
           •Where to buy
      •Consumer registration
      •Ideas and Secrets
           •How to add that special touch
           •Our recipes
           •Monthly Suggestion
           •Pass times
           •Freezing Process and home tips
           •Let us know your opinion

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