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Back to school and your children’s diet

When children go back to school a change takes place in their diet, which, during the summer months, tended towards an excess of cold drinks, sweets and ice cream.

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Freezing Process and home tips

Freezing Process   Freezing: Food freezing process that consists of converting almost all the water content of the food into ice.
The food is kept at temperatures below -18ºC. Freezing completely halts microbiological growth and activity. It stabilises the food microbiologically and increases its validity period, which last for several months.

Refrigeration: A preservation method that uses temperatures above freezing point (from 0ºC to 8ºC).
At these temperatures the enzymatic activity of food and the growth rate of micro organisms are reduced. These foods last for only a few days, depending on what they are.

HOME tips:  Suggestions for more efficient freezing!

•  When you put food in the freezer try not to overfill each compartment so that the cold can circulate.
•  Separate foods according to type, for example, try not to mix meat with fish. If you cannot separate food into different compartments, wrap well to avoid transmitting odours and to prevent the food from drying out.

To home freeze food
Check that your freezer has 4 stars, otherwise it is not right for home freezing.

Golden rules …

•  Preferably you should defrost in the refrigerator or quickly (in a micro-wave).
•  Consume defrosted food as soon as possible and never re-freeze food that has already been defrosted.
•  If you defrost food keep it in a vacuum box or in a clean, closed plastic bag on which you identify the food and give the defrosting date in writing

In addition, avoid ice forming in the freezer (ice works as an insulator, increasing the time required to freeze food and increasing energy consumption). Clean the freezer regularly with bicarbonate of soda in water or a detergent and wipe dry with a cloth.

Tips on purchase and transport home:

•  You should purchase your frozen products last and they should be placed in thermal bags to preserve the temperature of the product as much as possible.
•  The journey from shop to home should be as quick as possible and the frozen product should be kept in a thermal bag for no more than 90 minutes.

Storing in refrigerator:   The shelf-life of food products must be respected, so remember this when you are putting food into your refrigerator. Products with a shorter shelf-life should be more accessible so that they can be consumed first.

Whenever possible put food in separate, closed containers.


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