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25-09-09 Back to school and your children’s diet

When children go back to school a change takes place in their diet, which, during the summer months, tended towards an excess of cold drinks, sweets and ice cream. This change is no easy task for parents, but our chef kids is here to help you.

While children are still growing they need some special ingredients in their diet, so meals should contain the essentials for the healthy growth of any child.

However, most of the time young children refuse what is best recommended for their diet and prefer everything that is prejudicial to their health, chef Kids believes that the solution to this problem is to make meals healthy, more enjoyable and fun.

This is why we have created Cozinha Pronta for Kids, using natural methods and preparation to provide healthy, balanced meals for children.

Chef Kids has prepared for you a small dietary plan and suggestions so that your children can return to school in better form!

For lunch and dinner, preferably with the family, try our dishes, which your children will love and ask for more!

Our dishes include the following essential elements in main meals for children:

1•  A source of protein, such as fish or meat;
2•  A source of carbohydrate, such as rice, potatoes or chick peas;
3•  A vegetable, such as grated carrot, courgettes, corn or mushrooms;

With these meals try to avoid fried foods, fats, highly flavoured foods or items difficult to digest, sweets and soft drinks.
Go for natural juices or water as a drink.

Begin the day with a good breakfast including:

1•  Milk (on its own, or with chocolate or blackcurrant cordial, etc.)
2•  Fruit
3•  Cereals (the most natural possible)
4•  Bread (wholegrain, loaf, with cheese, jam or ham)

Avoid spreading crèmes (based on fats or chocolate), fried foods, cakes or sweets and coffee.

Snacks, both mid-morning and mid-afternoon, are essential for a child’s diet, but they should be light meals. For children practising sport, snacks can be heavier.
Include in your children’s snacks:

1•  Milk/natural juices
2•  Yogurts
3•  Fruit
4•  Sandwiches/Toasted sandwiches/Biscuits

Avoid sweet soft drinks, sweets, desserts, ice creams and cakes.

With the help of Chef Kids your children’s meals will become healthy and complete, to help your kids grow strong and healthy.


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