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Codfish cakes

Our delicious salt cod patties are made with cooked salt cod and potato, blended together with beaten egg and parsley. Ready to fry at home and to be served as savoury starters or as a meal accompanied by a mixed salad or Cozinha Pronta vegetable rice.

Weight: 360gr
12 Portions

Ingredientes Reconstituted mashed potato, cod (27%), onion, pasteurised egg, cooking oil, cod seasoning, parsley, salt and spices.

Contains fish (cod), egg, lactic protein, gluten and sulfits.


1•  Without defrosting, fry in very hot oil (approx. 180ºC), in small amounts for around 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown

Garnish your codfish cakes by serving with our vegetable rice.


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