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Back to school and your children’s diet

When children go back to school a change takes place in their diet, which, during the summer months, tended towards an excess of cold drinks, sweets and ice cream.

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Quality and Nutrition

Eurofrozen excels in making high quality, deep-frozen products in a several ranges such as pre-cooked meat and fish dishes, soups, savouries, desserts and products prepared with puff pastry.

Eurofrozen is a Certified Company by the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 as part of its Quality Management System and Food Safety Management respectively, showing a clear concern for the quality and food safety of the products they produce and sell .

All our products are carefully prepared using selected raw materials to guarantee what is essential in each nutrient. This is how we provide a balanced, healthy diet, without adding any colouring agents or preservatives to our products.

Eurofrozen invests in qualifying its technical and human resources so that we can place the most tasty, safely prepared products in your home.

We use deep-freezing as our preserving process. After preparation, our products are submitted to temperatures of around -40°C, using the most innovative and efficient technology. The water contained naturally in the ingredients solidifies quickly into tiny ice crystals, ensuring the molecular and cellular structure of animal and vegetable tissues.

For a deep-frozen product there has to be a cold chain guarantee for a deep-frozen product. This is why we guarantee the control and maintenance of the temperatures to which the product is submitted from the first cold blast (around -40ºC) until the product reaches the consumer (-18ºC minimum).


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